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Susanne Mollak

Internal Whispers


Hello! I'm Susanne Mollak

I set out on a quest to heal myself many years ago. Life had become a struggle and I needed to figure out my happy. I found it through energy medicine and spent several years learning how to work with energy to heal my body, my mind and find a spiritual connection I felt I had lost. On this journey I found others who understood the process to find more peace and harmony. I studied, I practiced, and I continue to grow and learn.

Aspiring to grow and lean into the magic of all the mysteries of the universe and share the beauty of all the experiences of life, by helping others tap into their own inner knowing.

Blending my skills as a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Medium and Intuitive along with other holistic modalities, I partner to seek and enhance the wellness and life balance of my clients.

I have grown through my own life experiences and found that helping and working with others to find ways to work through their challenges has brought me to a deep love and a spiritual connectiveness to this work.


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11711 Arbor Street, Omaha NE 68144

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