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Susanne Mollak

Internal Whispers

Card Reading


Do you need direction in your life?

Find answers through an Intuitive card reading using Tarot or Oracle readings

Did you know Tarot was originally a parlor game back in the day? Today it is used world wide to help give guidance and direction to life's everyday questions. Sometimes we don't have the ability to see what is right in front of us because we are so emotionally tied to an outcome or are too close to the situation.

By reading the energy you carry using the cards to show us what is around us, it can help us understand where we are blocked by our situation. The idea is to help us see our situations from a different vantage point which enables us to see things for how they truly are and open options for us to move through it. 

I teach basic tarot reading skills as the reading unfolds to give you the ability to tune into your own intuition and read for yourself. The readings are light hearted, fun and done very heart centered. 

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